Saturday, July 11, 2009

Swift Photos by Brookey

Thursday we went to the park to get out and enjoy the weather. We ate lunch with Grammy, Brooke, and the kids while avoiding the sun in the shade. I enjoy being in the sun if water is involved and I can cool off afterwards. I am glad to have family nearby so Teryk can play with Jasper and Swift can have an eye pinching match with Aram. It is amazing how age doesn’t matter as much as they get older. Before we know it, Swift and Aram will be running together and Teryk will be tailing Jasper in the playground as a little kindergartener. I am excited with every stage but the older they get the more I worry about them becoming teenagers making their own decisions. I keep telling Deb my kids will have a nine o’clock curfew in the summer and seven o’clock curfew in the winter. Right now I can at least keep track of my kids and try to protect them, even though I frequently fail because Swift and Teryk can’t live in a bubble, if only that were possible :).

Black and white always makes pics look great.

I love this pic. I wish I could pull off the pigtail look like Swift!

Adorable! I don't know how Brooke captures the perfect pics of my kids but I am never disappointed.

She looks very intuitive here. My next post will have to show loads of Teryk to make up for my little Swift update. Teryk used to be great at posing for photos but lately he gets excited when I try and make Swift smile. By the time she is happy, Teryk is laughing in the other direction.

Some Summer Pics

The summer has flown by and I am already dreading the snow. Putting school supplies out at Walmart is a dirty trick to make people look forward to Christmas, since that is the best part once the snow comes. Anyway, I have had a comparatively uneventful summer but still a great one. Teryk is running around like a crazy person, as usual, and Swift is just working on getting her tummy off the ground in attempts to crawl. She is adorable and finally wearing teeny ponytails; girls always seem to lack the most hair. Teryk and Swift are currently taking baths in our cute little trailer, or should I say rather large trailer. Our home is more like a mini apartment, aside the water hookups and sewage system. The kids love it here and Teryk thinks we are on a constant trip; popsicles are apparently a necessity when vacationing.

Before summer officially started, the kids and I went to Montana to visit cousins and grandparents. We had an awesome trip and I am excited to meet the fam again in a few weeks at Yellowstone; Teryk can actually remember them well this time. Steve, my brother, is great with all the kids. Teryk still talks about him and Swift seemed to enjoy him also; popsicle sharing had nothing to do with it I am sure. Going back makes me miss Montana and my family. I think I will steal some pics my sister took seeming how all photos come from my phone.

Swift is beginning to outgrow her hat but I love it on her! We were at the park with the mini McEntires and had loads of fun. Teryk called Cru his best friend and the whole family will definitely be missed.

These two photos were taken at the bottom of Forest Lakes, bringing back some “not so old” memories. Cru, Adrey, and Teryk sat under the play set nearly the entire time because of the heat. The temperature was in the upper eighties but the sun in high altitude feels like an oven.

The Fourth of July in Silverton had ideal weather with a few rain showers. Brooke and Aric came along with Deb and Mark to celebrate independence with parades and fireworks. The parade was bigger than prior years and Teryk got a huge amount of candy and necklaces. We started at the beginning of the parade and then went to our chairs in the back of Mark’s flatbed. After the parade, Trent took Teryk to watch the water fight between Durango and Silverton while I went with Deb and Brooke to keep the other kids from getting wet. We were on the opposite side of Main Street and rushed through crowds to get past the water fight. We were apparently unsuccessful as the screaming began and crowds began to part. Before I knew it water was shooting at high speeds right on Swift. Deb and I tried to cover her with our bodies but the hoses were directly in front of us, drenching everyone in its path. A man saw Swift and helped us carry her to the alley away from the high pressure. Turns out Deb knew the guy and we were grateful for the help; the gravel made it practically impossible to plow through with a stroller and fight mass crowds. The experience was amusing and I thought I was soaked until Teryk and Trent came along looking as if under a waterfall. The fireworks were also amazing and Swift slept through them all.