Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ziva the crazy pup!

A week ago, Teryk picked up a red heeler puppy who is the most adorable little pet. She has a large red spot around her right eye and a tiny one around her left eye. She was the pick of the litter and we are happy to have the crazy, nibbling pup. Teryk loves her like crazy and takes her outside all the time, leaving me to do some homework or clean house.

If you have ever seen NCIS, you would know where we got the name "Ziva" for our new dog. Teryk was so set on the name "Recto" but we finally convinced him otherwise. Of all names, Recto! He has a similar personality to Ziva and they are the perfect pair.

Teryk loves to push Ziva around in his dump truck, although I am not sure if she feels the same joy. The puppy used to be so mellow and quite but now she is a mad woman. Her nibbling issues are becoming rampant but she keeps us entertained. Winter is coming so we need to winterize our trailer and make a warm home for her. Right now she yelps at night to get out of her kennel, which is quite large and not to mention inside! She is spoiled but we love her anyway.

Her sleeping habits are pretty much like Swift's. Eat, sleep, and play is what they do best. The funniest thing was when we took her to Deb and Mark's house and she chased Reggie all around the tabe. Ziva was so excited to have a puppy friend but Reggie wanted nothing to do with this new, attention hogging pup. Shelby, contrarly, loves to chase her and share food. But then again, Shelby also loves to cuddle with cats so she is probably open to a new branch of friends.