Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Swifts Blessing

Teryk loves his sister; maybe a little too much sometimes. Swift looked beautiful in her blessing outfit and Teryk was so handsome in his tux.

My cute little Swift! She was born on December 2 and weighed seven pounds. She is a very sweet baby and only cries when she needs something. We are very fortunate to have her in our family. She has a cold and was pretty stuffy when she was born; hence to why she gained the nickname stuffy from her daddy.

Grandma, Grandpa, Teryk, and I

This is one of the last days in our first home. It was definitely bitter sweet but fun to have my parents there to enjoy it. We had a lot of opportunities to play in the snow since we were snowed in 75% of the time.

Crazy Cousins!

Motorhead in the making! Teryk finally wore his helmet after he discovered the lizards on it didn't devour Jasper. He loves anything that runs, especially monster trucks. Now he loves to wear his new helmet and gloves!