Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to Sea World

I have to say that I have been better at following my Facebook page better than my blog. I never know what to put on here to be honest. I think Brooke's idea of a journal type thing is great. If I just add little posts to my pics then I won't forget. I would like to tell about our trip to California. We stopped in Flagstaff to visit Jackee and her family. We then went off to Indio where our condo was located. It was beautiful with a pond right out our door. Two mallard ducks would come right to the french doors due to our frequent bread feedings. Teryk actually walked into the glass door asuming it was open. This was just a day after he knocked his teeth out :(. Surprisingly, this didn't faze him at all.

To get into the teeth situation, Deb and I went to a Mexican grocery store in attempts to finding an Albertsons. On our way back, Mark called us saying Teryk knocked his teeth in. We managed to be in Indio for about 12 hours before this happened. He was watching penguins on Madagascar and jumped off the couch to the coffee table. He missed his hands and nailed his mouth right on the edge. His shirt was covered in blood and we used a towel for his mouth to make it to the emergency room. I felt so bad for the little guy. We waited for a half hour before they even took our name. After all that, Trent found a Tetadontist(sp?) just a few miles away. They took him right in for X-rays. I asked the assistants if it looked bad and they said they hadn't seen anything like it. I asked with concern if they were new to the office. He said he had been there a while; just lovely. The oral surgeon came in and said they needed to extract three of his front teeth. These will come in when he is between the ages of seven and nine. We just have to wait and see if the permanent teeth were affected.
This was the only downside of the trip. It was so sad when he talked through the goss in his mouth. He seemed like a one year old again. He started feeling better and wanted to go swimming. He ran through the sprinklers with a huge grin which gave me mixed feelings. I was extatic that he was happy but sad to see his gums so swollen and bruised. He broke the bones where his front teeth were pulled. Teryk loved the lazy river. He would spin in circles with his floaties. We hung out at the condo the next day swimming.

Wednesday we went to Sea World. Teryk LOVED it. The dolphins were awsome and he liked the sharks also. The last thing we did was Shamu. He was all Teryk could talk about. We sat in the front right next to platform Shamu would slide on. We even bought a poncho to keep Swift from getting wet. The show was amazing and everything I expected. Everyone got wet around us when Shamu did the circle. Trent's shoe got a few drops but that was it! I was pretty bumbed but slightly glad we weren't drenched that late in the day. Teryk picked out a Shamu of course; Swift has a cute little turtle with big eyes.

The next day we went to Soak City in Palm Springs. The water was freezing and there were a lot of people. It was still a lot of fun and the weather was great. I miss the 85 degree weather. Teryk's mouth was looking a lot better this day and he wasn't complaining about the pain anymore. We headed back the next day and Swift was actually slept a lot of the drive. We ended went through Phoenix and met up with Jackee, Papa Gene and Grandma Connie, and Deb's friend Marla. It was fun to see them all and eat Italian. I'm glad there isn't affodable Italian in Durango because I would eat a loaf of bread everyday.

That's it for this post since I can hear Swift waking up. Hopefully it won't take me four months to write the next one!