Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time Flies in Summer. Swift has a new tooth and is crawling!

I tried to take a picture of Swift's new tooth but she wouldn't have anything to do with that kind of torture. I have been thinking a tooth was coming for months now and finally one popped through, making 9 months the mile marker for grin building. She also began crawling last month with the worm and it is hilarious to watch! She can now do the regular crawl but adds a worm motion periodically. My little girl is growing up and I love watching her personality transform.

We finally took a family picture, even if it is on a dirt pile! Teryk chose the location and I am quite satisfied, although Swift's face was in the sun and she looked pretty angry. To the left of the photo would be our lovely 5th wheel and its splendid amenities. Teryk and Swift share a room while Trent and I have our own space as well. If anyone were to live in a trailer, a toy hauler is the way to go. Simply throw a carpet remnent down and you have a two bedroom apartment :).

This is a family photo in front of the shop but Teryk had to blink right when the picture was taken. Papa was working so hard to get Swifty to smile and did a great job. She fell asleep the second I put her in bed after this was taken. Normally she stands excitedly in her crib, a newly acquired talent. She pulls herself up and gets angry when her legs are tired. I am glad she enjoys standing but bedtime takes a while longer now. Teryk uses her as an excuse not to go to bed and talks to her the entire time. They love each other and that is all that matters.

The next pictures are in Grand Junction for Trent's Grandpa's 80th birthday. We played at the park all day and endured the scorching weather. The barbeque was great and there was enough cake leftover for two birthday parties, mmmmm. Aram was so cute crawling through the tunnel and Swift enjoyed starring at everyone else playing. Teryk and Jasper played frisbee and rode their bikes all day. The weekend was quick but everything went well with no one losing their lunch on the drive through Ouray.

Swift's tongue moves in the funniest ways. She can immitate me when I roll my tongue and frequently licks people. She also makes aa amusing kissing noise!

Teryk looks so happy crawling through the tunnel. He keeps saying he wants his training wheels off his bike but he was too scared when we actually removed them. Someday he will ride a bike without training wheels but I am glad I don't have to worry about that quite yet.

I was looking at old pictures of Teryk with his teeth and it doesn't look like him anymore. His toothless smiles is part of his personality and makes me smiles each time. He will probably be confused when his teeth finally come in and there is actually something to bite a hotdog!

Aram looks great with his new haircut even though his hair isn't quite as red. He and Swift can play together and steal each other's toys, which is hilarious to watch. He is all boy like Teryk. Speaking of which, Teryk just pulled his pants down with his bum at me and laughed, oh boy! I need to add a little modesty to his head.

Here is Teryk and Swift at the 2009 La Plata County Fair. We had a booth to promote our insulation business and Teryk still calls it daddy's work when we drive by the fairgrounds. The weather was hot but I prefer warm weather over the freezing wind at last April's Home and Ranch Show. Business is steady and I hope to be working on taxes next spring.