Friday, December 18, 2009

Swifty's B-day

I am making a post for Swift's first birthday, December 2nd, and I am extremely late. I just realized today that I never added my photos to my blog and didn't document the great moments! Swift was all for the bday cake and presents. Her newest love is a baby cinderella from her grammy and all stuffed animals. I hold it up to her and she jumps forward to cuddle the doll. It is adorable and completely girly, one of the few vivid charecteristics that distinguish her gender from her boyish growling and monkey climbing. Teryk is all boy so it is fun to see her dainty side. Swift's body shape is also different since she has slender feet and hands. Her wave is also sweet as she twists her wrist to say good bye.

Swift did an awesome job with the cake! She got right into it and threw the brown goo everywhere! The doctor told me to have Teryk help his sister eat more. Haha, Teryk is the one who needs to follow his sister in eating habits because she eats a ton! Her little cake was perfect and she got great use out of the whole thing. I had a video but it wouldn't post for some reason. I wanted to post it because it had the cake before and now I don't feel like adding another photo, I know I get bored to easily. The video also showed Swift poke at the cake for a second and then go to town as she grabbed half and stuffed her face into the side.

Swift really got into the whole gift opening thing. Teryk helped but she was genuinly excited to see what was inside. She even stood up a few times holding her gift. Now she is much more experienced in standing while hold stools and so forth but at her bday party, it was a large achievement.
Aram and Swift were enjoying their grammy. We had the party at grammy and papa's house since our little 5th wheel is a little too small. Some day we will be back in a house and I won't have to worry about the splattered cake mess. I cleaned up the mess but it took longer than expected; especially since it was one little girl making the damage in less than five minutes :).
Swift loves to pull the ornaments out of the doors. She had a great birthday and was extremely happy the whole time! Luckily she had a nap right before the party so she was all over with a smile on her face!

Here is the Swifty and her daddy. Trent calls her the Tuffy because she was so stuffy as a baby. I love when I can actually get pictures of them both because otherwise, Trent refuses to be in a photo.

Swift is hilarious. She can stand straight up off the floor and stand forever! She still doesn't walk but I figure she will once she's ready. I have seen her step a few times but her crawling is so fast that there is no reason to walk (or so she thinks).I love this picture because it depicts her personality perfectly. She is eating a toy with a silly grin of either guilt or amusement. Either way she cracks me up as she gives the most adorable expressions.