Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three months of belated posts!

The past few months have been crazy and I have been the worst blogger! I finally found my cord to upload photos and the following represents Christmas and to the present. Sorry for all the photos and little commentary but I don't want to bore everyone (total of 3 people) with my monotonous remarks.

These photos are the most recent and ideal for warm weather hopes. Brooke and I went to Farmington for a taste of spring. The park was perfect with optimal weather and I was able to get great deals at Target for our Vegas trip in two weeks. Spring and summer simplifies children entertainment and Teryk LOVES to ride his bike. Swift can't go outside without eating nasty old snow so I hope it melts fast!

Teryk started wrestling two weeks ago and he has a blast! His first match was in Monticello and I got to go to the temple the night before while Trent took the kids swimming. Trent is coaching and was so patient with Teryk. He only had two weeks of practice and didn't win a single match but still got a medal. He fought to the end and only got pinned once; pretty good for weighing 36 lbs! I try to cheer as if I know what is happening but half the time I make up stuff to sound experienced. He smiles during the entire match and works so hard. I am proud of my little wrestler and hope to learn the terminology before this weekend :).

Trent was helping with a scout fundraiser last month and I had to post the pictures. Teryk was hanging out with cute little Tanna and they were hilarious. Swift has the funniest personallity! I wish I could video all the silly faces and things she babbles. She is a dare devil and climbs on a horse that is meant for bigger kids (she also stands on the top with no hands to see our reaction). My kids are beautiful and I am so blessed to watch each hilarious moment.

The final and most belated portion of this post is Christmas. Teryk got his much hoped for train table (the last one at Sam's club) and I got Swifty a cute little doll house. They were also spoiled at Grammy and Papa's house with all the family's gifts. Papa pulled everyone around on tubes and the kids loved it! Every thing was great and I was excited to finally have a Kitchen Aid (thanks to Deb and Mark). I didn't have to hand beat my crepes anymore!


  1. First off - Did Teryk get to wear his wrestling shoes?!?!?!
    Second - You make the best crepes... seriously
    And Lastly - I must find a time when I can come visit. I will work on that time during spring break. Have fun in Vegas!!

  2. Sara-Yes he did! Funny how that was two years ago lol. Teryk is also obsessed with crepes and insists on them nearly every day (too bad they aren't easy like pancakes). Yes! We will hopefully have a place to live soon and I would love to see you. Too bad we aren't going to be in Vegas at the same time! We will both have to take pics and compare. I am sure ours will be very different, haha.

  3. Oh we miss you guys so much. Still no word on our future plans, but we are hoping for something soon. You never know, we might end up spending a longer period of time in Durango with year. Who knows!!!! LOve the pictures, adorable!!!!!

  4. Yay Angie! A new blog post, You did it! ;)
    I wish I could meet your kids! I think next time I go to Great Falls we need to make it so you happen to be visiting too...
    Unless of course you want to come to the Dirty South!

  5. Hey! So you know Mary Ann Lyman? That is so crazy. So fun-we are good friends. I didn't know her until I moved here though. You guys have probably talked about this though-maybe. Anyways. cute post, and I love your blog background!

  6. So uh, when you gonna come make me crepes w/ Nutella and Bananas!!! :) lol :) Love the post cute pics!! Keep it up!~! :)