Saturday, May 22, 2010

Presenting...Monster Jam World Finals in Vegas!

This year's spring break was amazing and very memorable, especially for my little boy. Teryk has been obsessed with Monster Trucks since he was two and even watches the DVDs. Deb and I have been talking about going to the Monster Jam World Finals for over a year and we finally were able to go. I never thought I would enjoy something like this but it was amazing! I actually want to go every year now but I would never spend the money to go to one in Albuequerque. I hate to drive and only see one Monster Truck that we really like. Go to Vegas and you get the best of the best...Awesome!

I had to start a post with Teryk and his favorite Monster Truck driver, Jim Koehler. We stood in line for a while waiting to meet him and he was extremely nice to Teryk. Teryk is his number one fan and Avenger is considered the greatest motorized vehicle on the planet! The funny thing is that Teryk picked Avenger all on his own and Jim Koehler rarely wins any of the freestyle or races. No matter what, Teryk is confident that Avenger is the winner and no one can steal his thunder.

If only Swifty was looking but at least we have a family picure. Trent is wearing Blue Thunder and I have my Maximum Destruction shirt, our favorites. Swift has yet to find a favorite truck but maybe next year I can buy her a Madussa shirt, seeming how she was the only girl driver in Vegas.

Teryk and Papa have pictures in front of a ton of trucks but here is the famous Avenger, for all of you fellow fans. I am trying to narrow down my picture list but having a hard time choosing.

Perfect group shot, even though I was always taking the pictures, haha. All these photos were taken at the pit party and it was actually open to the public and not limited to those with tickets.

Gravedigger is Deb's favorite and Mark's favorite is El Torro Loco. Even though I am a true Max D fan, Grave Digger is the most popular and has an amazing driver. Deb and I weren't able to meet our favorite drivers since some sort of a special pass was required, lame. Technically Mark and Trent did see their drivers either but we just didn't have good timing.

I love this photo of Deb and Mark. Notice the awesome shirts with their favorite trucks? The timing just happened to work around world finals so I had to get them for their birthday.

Bry, Beth, and the kids met us at the pit party and the kids had fun with the free slides. We also paid $5 for Teryk to ride on the back of a monster truck around a small track.

We finally made it to the greatest portion of this amazingly exciting post, haha...right. Anyway, Bry and Beth were nice enough to watch Swift for the actual event that started at 7pm. It was amazing! All of the trucks came flying out with water and fire shows along with fireworks. The noise was crazy and the crowds were hilarious. The best part was racing, strangely enough. I prefer to watch freestyle on tv but the races were hilarious. All of our favorites, apart form Teryk's Avenger, were in the final four race. My favorite beat Trent's and Deb's beat Mark's; pretty darn awesome! Sadly, mine did not win but at least Deb's favorite got first place. No one did very well in the freestyles but it was still fun to watch trucks flip and crash into cars and boats.

Here is a picture of the track before they crushed the entire thing with monster trucks.

Trent and I sitting at World Finals.

The perfect photo to close this post. Not much else to say but I am definitely coming back :)


  1. Sounds like a plan! We will go with you next time, kay? I love all these pictures, especially the one of your cute little family... even though Swifty wasn't looking! More posts to come, right? ;)

  2. I love that picture of you and Trent (not that I don't love seeing your kids), but I haven't seen one of just you two since your wedding I think!

  3. Oh and I really think you need to put the song "Thinking Over" on your playlist... just for old times sake!

  4. That's so awesome! You guys are good parents! We miss you guys!

    Heather & Trent