Thursday, October 28, 2010

Summer is gone already?!?!?

 So I can't even remember the last time I posted anything on my blog but here is a quick review of whats been happening. Summer was awesome but I only have a little bit till bedtime to post the last five months so there is going to be a large number of photos with my greatest attempts of commentary. I am working as the office manager of a dental office and trying to finish my degree in accounting. I only have one course left and then I can sit for the CPA....ugh, scares me to death. Anyway, life is busy but we are doing well. We hope to be getting our house in three weeks but we shall see!

I had to add the photos from when Teryk started riding his bike without training wheels. I told him I would make him crepes if he tried and then he finally got the hang of a two wheeler. He rode all summer long and now he has a larger bike so his knees don't hit the handlebars. It's hilarious because he is used to his small bike and presses his pedals so hard, scaring me to death as he takes sharp corners insanely fast. Swift of course had to eat a rolly polly she found; some peoples kids I tell ya. Anyway, Swift and Teryk played outside every minute they possibly could.

The kids and I went to Montana to see my family back in June. I loved it and can't wait to go back! The drive was extremely but luckily Brooke lent me her dual DVD player so Swift and Teryk could watch their own movie. Teryk played a lot with Kaiden and I was finally able to meet Steve's little boy, Sylas. Annie came up for a few days and the kids played with the Nolanator, soon to be big brother in a month! We went to the water park, Giant Springs, and I played racquetball while at the gym on base with my dad who let me with from time to time. I was also able to go on walks with my dad, just like old times, and shop with my mom. I was always her shopping buddy and the only kid who enjoyed purchasing grocery. My mom helped me make Swift a beautiful rag quilt with flower petals and I also nearly finished a jean quilt for picnics and camping. I can't wait to get into our house so Swift can finally use the blanket my mom and I slaved over for days; only two battle wounds from the razor blade! I was going to make Teryk a monster truck quilt but ended up sending it to my mom to help, haha. I am apparently uninspired on my own.

I thought I would post these two photos as we were heading to the train station to meet Thomas the Tank Engine. Of course, my camera's battery died so this is the only photographic evidence I have of the event, pretty pathetic.

The webber clan went to Lake Powell back in May and Brooke and I did some pretty cute hairdos on the girls. I didn't have to comb it once and it stayed out of her face for three days! I have to say that I am not into steaming hot weather and I just wanted to be in the water the entire time. I hate when you are camping and have to sleep on top of the sleeping back to prevent heat exhaustion. I guess I am just used to worrying about layering up at night but this as not the case. Apart from the heat, the lake was fun and you can never go wrong with family and a boat!

I had to add some photos of the Eclipse party this year. I obviously have no life outside of my family since this is my social event of the year, haha. Anyway, I LOVE being with my family so spending time with friends is awesome every once in a while.

Swifty is hilarious and growing up way too fast, even wanting to potty train. I don't know if I am ready for her to be talking and loosing her diapers but it's fun watching her grow. By the way, never tell Swift to smile for a photo because this is what happens......

 I was barbecuing outside and slightly distracted until I found this little girl rolling, literally, in a dirt pile. Who would guess a cute little girl is under all that dirt and grime? 

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  1. Haha! I love that last picture! So glad you posted. Guess I'm gonna have to, now! ;)