Monday, May 24, 2010

Belated Photos of Our Utah Trip

Trent had a mission reunion this past April and we were fortunate enough to make it up to Utah to see his first mission president. I also convinced Annie and Garth to meet us at Midway to stay a few days. We had a ton of fun and I am so glad Annie was able to make the trip. I hadn't seen Nolan since he was tiny little guy and he has gotten so big. Teryk and Swift had a blast swimming and playing in the park.

I love Teryk's three dollar sun glasses! He looks like a stud throwing the frisbee, haha. They are actually useful since Teryk is constantly burning the white part of his eyes.

Nice action shot of Trent. He wasn't covering his face so that was an improvement! We used to play frisbee all the time up at school and I love being able to play with him whenever we get the chance.

I can't believe Trent fit through the slide! I tried to convince him to go again but I guess Swift enjoyed it more than he did.

Here's Trent and I at the park. I think that little guy in the background is Teryk but I'm not sure.

Annie and I used to have a bunch of photos together but it has been forever since the last one! Annie is expecting a little guy or girl on Swift's Birthday, December 2nd.

This boy LOVES his daddy. Trent can do no wrong in Teryk's eyes and they are buds. Their personalities are extremely similar and Teryk always proclaims to be "Daddy's Boy."

Here is Anna-Banana, Garth, and Nolan at the park. I have to say that Garth is hilarious to play card games with and I like to be on his team; only because I want to hurt him when he isn't, lol. Not really but he talks trash in the funniest ways! I wish they lived here so I could get my heart's game on and actually win!

We went swimming at the condo, which only cost $85 for two nights on bonus time- pretty sweet! There were two bedrooms plus a bed for Teryk in the living room. The indoor pool was nice and the buildings were built to look like a little Switzerland. I had never been to Miday so I thought it would be fun to stay there rather than the usual Ogden Canyon area.
Swift is hilarious, always making me laugh. She has the craziest expressions and loves to wear sunglasses, which are already broken. I LOVE that she can swim with floaties because my neck doesn't become scratched up from fingernails. Now the next step is to teach Teryk how to swim without his floaties.

Silly guy! He was actually posing for a whole thirty seconds. Swift is easier to get a picture but Teryk finds it hilarious to run or squint his eyes acquirdly.

Not sure what he is doing with his hands but I'm pretty sure he went to the bathroom right after this picture...

 Swimming photos are never too flattering but I thought it was a cute family photo.

Here is our main reason for going to Utah. Trent worked with the mission president while in Argentina and had nothing but amazing things to say about him! He is from Bolivia and rarely comes to the states to visit. I hardly understood any of the conversations, seeming how they were in Spanish, but they were extremely sweet. The above photos were taken at one of their friend's house and they were very nice to let us stop by to visit. We actually got the dates wrong for the mission reunion and had to miss it to get back to church on Sunday. The important thing was to see the President and his wife so the trip was definitely worth it all.


  1. I love the pictures! Keep them coming!! One of these days I'll get to see your kids in real life again... and maybe you and Trent too.

  2. His Mission President is TINY!! How cute all these pictures are! So, if I talk more trash while playing Hearts will that help with missing Annie and Garth? :D

  3. I love your kids. Seriously.
    And did I tell you we might possibly be living in Vegas as Rogers next assignment? Wouldn't that be awesome? You can see me AND monster trucks. We'll find out July 9th. :)
    Anywho, this turned into more of a letter on your blog rather than a comment. Oops.

  4. I'm so glad you guys got to see them, despite the wrong schedule. Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for posting the pictures! :o)