Saturday, November 28, 2009

This Year's Santa Encounter

We decided to go let Teryk and Swift visit Santa in Farmington since he is usually more realistic than the Durango one. Swift just kept crying and reaching for us while Teryk refused to look at the camera. Teryk still told him what he wanted but that did not include the train table he had been asking for the past two months. He said all he wanted was the Optimus Prime guy and luckily Grammy and Papa has picked out the perfect one. He will be excited for the train table but hopefully he doesn't realize that that wasn't what he asked for, haha.

Trent asked Santa if Teryk could sit on his lap and he made a disgruntal and annoyed face. Too bad the real Santa couldn't be there to get his picture taken! Luckily, Teryk didn't even notice the Santa was slightly grumpy and he was more than excited to have told "Santa" his Christmas wish.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Early Christmas Present

So I went to Sears yesterday for the Pre-black Friday sale. I LOVE black Friday, even though few share the same joy. We found a camera on sale that was a Kodak. The camera was great but the sales lady showed me a Sony in the clearance section! Nevertheless, I bought a Christmas present from my parents. Technically, I used part of the kids' money as well so Trent helped for part. I will find them an awesome gift from Grandma and Grandpa; plus we have six new release movies coming that my mom found online! Christmas has coming early for us this year!
Snow...I used to love it this time of year. Not that I completely lack the enjoyment but I don't look forward to moisture, that's for sure. My place turns into a muddy mess, and that is not an exaggeration. This was a pretty picture I decided to take with my new camera under the "snow" tab. Not sure what it meant but I had to take advantage of the perfect moment. I must conclude my comments on this photo by saying I LOVE snow but have no admirable feelings toward mud :).
My camera is wonderful and can capture Teryk in all his crazy jumping and running! I was using my phone to take pictures and occasionally pulled out the camcorder. The simplicity is excellent and I even have a case that wraps around my belt loop! I got a smokin' deal and glad the sales lady showed me the clearence section.

Swifty still loves her bottles, every once in a while. I couldn't get her to drink them for a while so I only let her have the pleasure two or three times a day. This makes her drink the entire bottle and I don't have to follow her milk puddles around with a wash cloth (as much).

This picture was not the best since I didn't focus but I still think it's great! The green goo by her mouth is just froot loops, I promise. We were getting ready for church and I was procrastinating in order to test my camera on Swift now that she was awake.

I was trying to record Swift as she stood straight up on the floor by herself. She did it about five times before she quite right as I got the camera out! Anyway, Teryk kept singing a song so I tried to catch that instead. Sorry for my wierd noise at the beginning; I was trying to delay him to start singing when I pushed record. He says "chao" and apparently that is part of what Lightning Mcqueen says. *BTW, you have to turn off the music at the bottom.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Notable Memories

So I am not exactly the greatest at elaborating on stories and recording things going on in the Webber family. Consequently, I decided to mention just some quick recollections I would like to remember and a few tidbits on the kids. Teryk has recently gotten into having a favorite song and insisting on hearing it over and over again. He began his list with Mama Mia, not exactly what I would expect from a three year-old boy. Later, he decided that his new favorite song was “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. He calls this the Chipmunk song because he first heard it at the start of the movie. His most recent obsession includes both theme songs from the Transformer movies. I personally enjoy Linkin Park but 100 times can get pretty old. He has a hilarious dance and wants the music full blast. How Teryk went from “Mama Mia” to “New Divide,” I will never know. I am excited for the next Chipmunk movie to come out so I can hopefully have a variation to my IPod playlist!
Swift, as many around her know, has a tendency to growl for every expression. Before a coo or babble, she would give a random, nearly evil sounding, growl numerous times a day. This noise has slowly transformed into a unique growl that occurs for every occasion. There is a happy growl, sad growl, angry growl, and teasing growl. If Swift is happy and giggly, a cute, nose scrunched growl would come out to show her excited attitude. The sad growl occurs when I lay her in bed when she feels unready and abandoned (go figure); resulting in a loud, offended growl. The angry growl usually comes with a bite attempt that appears most often when Teryk is in the vicinity. My favorite is the teasing growl as she simply wants people to laugh. Swift is growing so fast and amuses me no matter which growl emerges.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Frightening yet fun filled Fall!

October has flown by as I already await the festivities of Christmas. We started the week with the pumpkin patch and ended it with the traditional trunk-or-treating.
Typically, our day at the pumpkin patch had to be the first snow of the year! I hadn't even boughten my kids winter coats yet but luckily Brooke let Swift wear Aram's jacket. It was freezing! Teryk looks so innocent and loveable, go figure :). He is sweet when he wants to be, that's for sure.
This is the first time I had ever been to Sutherland Farms and I was impressed. Teryk would switch between wanting to stay all day and wanting to go home because he was freezing. I love Aram in the left. I didn't even notice until just now, cute!

Check out the snow and corn in the sky! Don't they look happy...

I love the smiles! I had her tipped upside down at church yesterday and found another tooth! I had no idea she would get one already seeming how Teryk had only two at age one. Technically she is still a slow teether but I am pretty excited about her tooth number three.

Teryk loved this little ride, I thought it was bumpy. I kept trying to turn around and take a picture of Teryk and Aram but I would risk losing Swift out of the little car. At least I got a few good ones.

My lovely pumpkin! Nice toothless smile; can't picture him any other way.

Swift and I in our car that was slightly too small.

Swift always has this train sign in her mouth and I have no idea how she keeps finding it in her room. The pumpkin was made especially for Teryk and he is so proud of the missing teeth.

Giving pumpkin some loving.

This was taken just after Trent carved the big pumpkin and Swift kept wanting to dig inside.
We went to jasper's school to trick-or-treat and here is the Swifty in her costume.

Teryk plays the perfect part of BamBam, teeth and all. He was so excited to be him until he saw a Bumblebee Transformer costume that changed into a car.

This was just before trunk-or-treating at the church. The weather was not so bad since it warmed up after the first snow. I always seem to choose the costumes that can give my kids the greatest opportunity for frost bite.

We painted their hair and Swift was not an easy canvas. Teryk stayed still most of the time and his white hair turned out great. Swift kept spinning around and the orange got all over the place. I am pretty sure her pink car seat still has a hint of orange.

If you can't tell, Swift's ponytail is green to look like a pumpkin. I sewed Teryk's costume with no pattern and was lucky it didn't fall apart by the end of the night.
This was our week of Fall festivities and we had a blast. Now I get to enjoy the best season of all and eat the yummiest food of the year.